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The goal of any musical recording is to create the most affective sonic product. To craft an aural image that relocates the listener to anywhere the composer’s imagination can fathom. Based in Sydney, Australia. I have been producing and recording music for over a decade now. I’m capable of taking on projects at any stage, be it a complete production from beginning to end or a single set service of production, mixing or mastering.


Over the past decade I have had the pleasure of working on releases from some of the most prominent and acclaimed artists in the Australian Rock/Metal/Punk scenes. Whilst most of my portfolio is focused on Rock/Metal/Punk I also have experience with all genres and I’m always keen to take on something new and challenging.


In addition to my studio work, I have performed as a drummer for a number of past and present touring Australian bands. I am a multi-instrumentalist within the Rock and Metal genres, but consider myself a drummer first and foremost.


My touring and performing experience allows me to approach projects with all facets of the industry in mind. I’ve undertaken all of these endeavours in order to slowly craft my studio into a dynamic and inspirational space, supported by a plethora of top line equipment. My ethos is simple. I just want to help artists hone their ideas and evolve them into a complete, quality product.

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